Patient Centered Medical Home in Philadelphia, PA

How can Our Office be Your Medical Home?

As defined by the agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHQR) the medical home is not simply a place but a model of the organization of primary care that delivers the core functions of primary care. In working as a medical home we strive to encompass the following five functions and attributes.

1. Comprehensive Care:

We strive to meet the physical, mental preventative, acute, and chronic care needs of our patients.
We utilize the latest information technology to prescribe, track test results, and obtain clinical information.

2. Patient-Centered:

We foster relationship based care built on respect on patients' unique needs, cultures, values, and preferences.
We actively involve patients and support patients in self managing and organizing their own care.
We actively involve patients in health care decision-making.

3. Coordinated Care:

We strive to coordinate across all elements of patient care.
*This includes care from specialists, hospitals, home health care, and community services.
We help patients through transitions of care like discharges from the hospitals and rehabilitation facilities.

4. Accessible Services:

We have regular extended patient office hours beyond normal 9 to 5 business hours.
We have a physician on call for emergency after hours.
We strive to achieve excellent communication among patients, physicians and staff.

5. Quality and Safety:

We use evidence based medicine.
We engage in physician and office performance measurement and strive to improve on a regular basis.
We regularly measure patient experience and satisfaction using a suggestion box and random patient satisfaction surveys.
The primary care provider in a patient centered medical home leads a team that takes collective responsibility for patient care including coordinating care with specialists, following up after hospital visits and ensuring that patients get necessary preventative screening services. The focus of a patient centered medical home is on the whole person and it is our job to ensure that our patients get not only physical care but behavioral health services and support as well.
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How Can You be More Involved in Your Care?

We want our patients to be involved in their heathcare decision-making. We trust our patients to assist in their care by trying to do the following:
  1. Keeping their scheduled appointments or calling to reschedule as early as possible.
  2. Established patient's that do not call to cancel appointments within 24 hours of their scheduled appointment time will be charged a $35 no show fee.
  3. New patient's that do not call to cancel appointments within 24 hours of their scheduled appointment time will be charged a $50 no show fee for missing their first appointment.
  4. All fees must be paid before next visit with the physician can be scheduled.
  5. Come prepared to all visits with an up to date list of medications including over the counter medications, vitamins and dietary supplements.
  6. Make sure your physician is aware of every specialist physician you see.
  7. Inform our office if you have received care outside our office in an urgent care center or emergency room.
  8. Inform our office if you are admitted to a hospital. Hospitals should inform your physician that you were admitted, unfortunately does not always occur. We like to see our patients soon after discharge to make sure you remain out of the hospital, so please call the office as soon as possible after you are discharged so we can schedule a follow-up appointment with your physician as soon as possible.
  9. Use our patient portal to track your health. Ask questions about your care and tell us when you do not understand something.
  10. Follow the care plan that we have agreed is best for your health and take medications as prescribed.
  11. Call our office if you do not receive test results, ordered by our office, within two weeks.
  12. Contact us after hours only if your issue can not wait until the next work day.
  13. Learn about your health insurance coverage and contact your insurance company if you don't understand your share of any fees. Make sure you pay your share of any fees.
  14. Give us feedback to help us improve our care for you. - There is a suggestion box readily available in our waiting room.
Doing this will help us help you in the best way possible.